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This service offers the following alternatives: Electronic systems, Alarms and Images Monitoring, and Satellite surveillance. This service includes the most innovative technology, electronic and satellite systems in all the security plans.

Electronic Systems
Provide security solutions using electronic tools and new technologies for the prevention and protection of goods, people and places.
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Alarms Monitoring
Provides clients with state of the art equipment that control alarms 24/7 all through the year. This system is supported by professionals that respond to any alarm set by the system.
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Images Monitoring
Provides a visual and permanent control system of the close circuits in companies, industries or gated communities. This modern system offers state of the art equipment and trained personnel.
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Satellite Monitoring Satelital
Provides protection to executive vehicles and to vehicles transporting merchandise within urban areas. Satellite control uses GPS, a mirror graphic information system, digital maps and a real time monitoring program.
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