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Hunter has a plan
Behind every great service there are great people. For this reason, Hunter pays special attention to selection and recruitment of people with potential, drive and energy. Those selected are trained at Hunter's own training center: This training center is specially designed to teach security procedures, defense and surveillance techniques.

Hunter has been implementing training programs for over 10 years to develop security personnel capable of responding to protection demands of goods and assets.

Training plans are regularly updated in order to maximize people's potential and make the most of their skills. Additionally, Hunter's professional training considers specific job positions to develop security technicians capable of responding to clients' security requirements.

The specialized training offered by Hunter leads to professional and personal growth of all its employees. Being part of Hunter means being part of an organization committed to a plan: Satisfy clients' security needs offering quality and professionalism. Hunter believes in working in teams for the sake of a common objective: Develop trained professionals capable of delivering the best service.
For more information about Training, please contact us.